Resort Convenstion City B ConPlaza

Convenient air, sea, and land routes tie Beppu closely to the rest of the world.Beppu is blessed with an abundance of natural glory from sea to mountains, plateaus, and the most famous hotsprings in Japan. B-Con Plaza itself is situated in the specious and verdant Beppu Park. This convention center is one of the largest in western Japan, with a convention hall which can house up 8,000. The artistic and graceful design of the Global Tower is symbolic of the purpose of B-CON Plaza, which is to provide a place for people from all over the world to meet and exchange information. Whether your needs are international conferences, concerts, trade shows of lectures, the future stars at B-CON Plaza.

convention hall
1. A large assembly hall that can hold up to about 8,000 people.
2. Traveling arches-the first in Japan make various configrations possible.
3. Large screen video displays make live perfomances within the hall even more powerful.

Facility Summary
Maximum occupancy (theater configration): 8,000
Floor area: 2,756m²
main uses: conventions, assemblies, ceremonies, exhibits, trade shows, and concerts
other: 260 inch large screen video displays

entrance hall
entrance hall
The specious entrance hall basks in natural light.
It may be used for event reception or as an adjunct space.

Facility Summary
Floor area: 1,248m²Floor
material: Water-polished foreign marble

Philharmonia hall
Philharmonia hall
1. A horse-shoe shaped hall that can hold up to 1,200 people.
2. The flexible-configration stage can accommodate concerts, theatrical performances, lectures, or anything else.
3. Great acoustics(for live performances)

Facility Summary
Maximum occupancy (chairs) : 1,190
Maximum distance: About 23 meters
Main uses: performances, theater, dance, ceremonies, conventions, asemblies, academic conferences, and lectures.
Other: Horse-shoe shaped hall

international conference hall
international conference hall
1. An approximately 400? area filled with natural light abutted by a 132 seat gallary.
2. Flexible enough to allow various meeting configrations, from horse-shoe shaped to school-meeting style.
3. Fully-equipped with the most advanced conference equipment, including 16 screen multi-vision and simultanenious interperting facilities for six languages.

Facility Summary
Maximum Occupancy (theatre configration): 300
Floor space: 405m²
Main use: International conferences (up to six languages), domestic conferences, symposia, or academic conferences
Other: 69seat horse-shoe shaped conferences, 132 seat gallary, simultaneous interpreting gacilities for six langeages, and 16 screen multi-vision.

conference room
conference room
This is a mid-size conference room elegantly appointed in relaxing sahdes of wood.
It offers two 120 inch high-vision

Facility Summary
Maximum occupancy: 192
Floor space: 234m²
Main uses: Domestic conferences, symposia, and academic conferences
Other: 160 electrially raised chairs, and two 120 inch high-vision screens

reception hall
reception hall
1.A large elliptical hall with abundant natural light. 2.Fully equipped with nine screen multi-vision as well as premium-grade illumination and sound systems.
3.Highly versatile: suited to everytihng from paties to seremonies or conferences.

Facility Summary
Maximum occupancy: (theater configration): 928
Floor space: 896m²
Main uses: parties, meetings, lectures, conferences
Other: Nine screen multi-vision

meeting rooms
meeting rooms
Meeting Room1: For conferences. Occupancy 18-40.(Floor B1)
Meeting Rooms 2 and 3: Each with 24-66 occupancy. Two rooms can be joined.8Floor B1)
Meeting Room4: for conferences.Occupancy 150.(Floor B1)
Meeting Room31: For lectures and conferences.Occupancy 150 (3rd floor)
Meeting Room 32: For lectures and conferences.Occupancy 36-70 (3rd floor)
Meeting Room 33: For lectures and conferences.Occupancy 30-48 (3rd floor)


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